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How to Get to Top Colleges After Failing Zhongkao?
Time Of Publication : 2022-07-18 17:00:00 Information Classification : Campus News


Parents and students may hear stories like this from time to time:A child, with very poor academic performance, who might not be able to enter high school, changed his life by going to a foreign school, and became excellent since then and was finally admitted by top universities and reached a new high of his life. 


Such cases may not be as dramatic as described above, but they are real and not unique. Did the child become "smart" as soon as he/she went abroad? Apparently not. The real reason is that children join an education system that suits them. With this as the premise, coupled with Chinese children's awareness of learning and self-consciousness, as well as the support of the family, it is quite natural for them to have breakthroughs in academic performance. 

Objectively speaking, compared with Zhongkao (high school entrance examination) and Gaokao (college entrance examination), applying for an international school, studying international courses and applying for a reasonably good foreign university in the future is relatively easier, as the competition is much less fierce. We may call this a systematic advantage over our domestic high school and college admission.






Of course, even under the relatively low intensity of competition, there are still two key points to solve in order to achieve the "life-altering transfrom":① Course arrangements suit the child's actual capability of learning. The child is "able" to learn.② Children are willing to invest time and energy in learning. The child is "willing" to learn.

In our modern information society, we also know that behind these "Life-altering" legends, there are also many cases of sending children abroad to study in middle or high schools, but ending up with even greater failures. The reason for this is that these two issues listed above are not taken care of.


However, Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School, based on its rich and flexible course system, takes " what fits a student is the best for him"  as the core idea, and makes great efforts in "willingness" and "ability". The principal and the core team have rich experience and educational resources in the field of international education, as well as ultra-high professional quality as international educators. Only in this way can such systematic advantages be brought into full play on the students:

① In terms of curriculum, based on the American high school system (including AP courses), a deep and large-scale differentiated class system is introduced. There are more than 80 courses of different levels and disciplines. In terms of discipline, difficulty and progress, students can choose appropriate courses according to their own situation. This solves the problem of "ability".② Then, at the suitable levels, students can choose courses based on their interests. Moreover, studying at the appropriate levels of courses, students can obtain good learning results, so that the students can regain confidence, and become interested in learning. This coupled with strong learning atmosphere and responsible teachers sloves the problem of "Willingness". 

As a result of this, and many other aspects of the school that help students grow, the history of the school is littered with examples of such "legends", some of which are very surprising.

Ding, who could only reach the standard for ordinary high schools, was eventually admitted to UCLA (US News: 20th, ahead of Tsinghua and Peking Universities in QS world ranking) .

Zhang, failed the high school entrance exam and ended up at the University of Rochester ( U.S. News: 34th).

Zhuang, who could only reach the standard for ordinary high schools, was eventually admitted to university of California, Irvine (US News: 35th)

Liang, because of the poor academic results and her own issue, did not take the high school entrance exam. Eventually admitted by the University of Virginia (US News: 25th)

Wu failed the high school entrance examination and was eventually admitted to Macalester College (ranked No.27 by US News in 2022, once known as one of the 25 "New Ivy League" schools in the US).

Li, who could only reach the standard for ordinary high schools, finally entered Babson Business School, one of the top business schools in the United States (A famous college, not included in the comprehensive university ranking).

Yu, who could only reach the standard for ordinary high schools, was admitted to Lee University (a famous liberal arts college in the Southeast of the United States, but did not participate in the comprehensive ranking)



There are way too many cases similar to those listed above in Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan school. Of course, our school actually have done much more for our students than what is described here. Nor did these miracles come in through an easy way. Want to know more? Please attend the school's Open House Day and meet with international education experts to discuss how to create these life-altering transfroms. 

Please check the next article to sign up for our Open House Event on July 16th and 31st.