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My Music School Application Journey
Time Of Publication : 2022-06-23 15:00:00 Information Classification : Campus Style

Editor's note: Elvis Fu, a 12th grader of  our school, is passionate about music, especially vocal music. This year, he has got offers from his dream music shcools, such as Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, Cleveland Conservatory of Music, etc.. Let’s read about how he has grown up and what he has done for his college application. 


Elvis’s Self-account

In this April, I finally got offers from my dream music schools.  At that moment,  what I got was not only an offer, but also a reward for holding on to my dream. The following story is about  how I have grown up and what I have done for my college application.  I hope it may benefit those who are interested in applying for music schools.


Choose a good high school: I was lucky to transfer from a public school to a good international school.

I had attended a public junior high school before I came to SHBS. Facing the high school entrance exams, I realized  how my choice of high school would have a direct effect on my future development.  Because of my average academic performance, I was not confident enough to enter a good public high school and university, so I was very confused.  My parents suggested that I consider attending an international school.  However, I had much difficulty in choosing an international school. In about one year, I tried three different international schools in succession. Finally, I came to SHBS in the first semester of Grade 10 and stayed here for the rest 3 years of my high school life.  In this community, my schoolmates and teachers were very warm-hearted, which empowered me, an introvert,  to quickly blend in.  SHBS supported me to develop my interest by providing lots of resources and platforms. I, who used to be afraid of performing on stage, opened myself up in our drama show held every semester, which made me fall in love with the stage.  Moreover, by attending AP music classes and  joining the music Double Excellence Program, I rapidly improved my theoretical knowledge of music and professional skills in music. I also joined in the music club initiated by my schoolmates. I was responsible for writing songs, lyrics and scripts for our musicals, and I also performed on stage with other club members. Our original musical was widely praised, giving me great fun and  a sense of achievement. In my spare time, our school’s music teacher also taught me music composition. Many thanks go to SHBS for enriching my high school life.



Meet a good teacher: I was lucky to have met a good teacher, who made me realize that one is most likely to be motivated by his or her interest.

My music dream has something to do with the ten years I spent learning how to play the piano, but it was a variety show that really made me fall in love with classical bel Canto.  I remember when I was in grade eight or nine, Mr. Liao Changyong instructed a new singing variety show called Voice into The Heart, which promoted bel Canto, musical and opera.  Bel Canto opera did not have a wide audience in China, so Mr. Liao hoped to promote bel canto opera in China through this program, so that Chinese people could also appreciate the "beauty" of bel Canto.  At that time, I was just beginning to listen to pop songs and did not know much about bel Canto.  However, when I heard Mr. Liao sing on the program, I was deeply impressed by the bel Canto and his warm voice.  My love for bel Canto was also supported by my parents, who offered to help me find professional teachers.  At first, I tried falsetto tenor. After practicing a while,I found it didn't fit me. So, my parents took me to professional institutions for consultation and we went to the Voice Studio of The Central Conservatory of Music for voice appraisal to see which part suits me.  It is said that every vocal music professional should visit the Central Conservatory of Music to do voice appraisal test.  After the test, the experts suggested that I change my voice part to baritone. Thus, I met my current tutor Mr.  Zhang Gonghao by chance. He is the best student of Mr. Liao Changyong in Shanghai Conservatory of Music.  Mr. Zhang taught me the professional skills and experience he had acquired from Mr. Liao, which enabled me to make rapid progress in bel Canto singing skills. Praticing was not a smooth road for me. I felt frustrated and I met with lots of difficulties: sometimes my breathing was not correct, sometimes I didn’t use enough breath, sometimes the singing method was wrong, and sometimes I would feel nervous when I recorded my singing, etc.. Mr. Zhang Gonghao has been patiently encouraging me, and giving me instructions.  How lucky it was for me to have met such a good teacher! 

Weave my dream: Music, delicious foods, Social Media Celebrity, I am always on my way

Besides music, I like cooking very much.  For me, cooking delicious foods with ordinary ingredients gives me a great sense of fulfillment.  I was inspired to take up cooking a few years ago after accidentally watching Gordon Ramsay's food show.  I watched every episode of Gordon's show and every dish he taught, and I was obsessed with making Western food.  "a cook should know about each ingredient carefully," he said.  I've been thinking about what he said all the time.  In my spare time, I would read recipes and food ingredients on my phone and keep learning about many special ingredients, as well as how to cook them.  Whenever I was not busy, I would try to cook, keep improving my cooking skills, and gradually become good at cooking different ingredients.  In addition to western food,  I was also impressed by programs on cooking Chinese food. They aroused my deep curiosity about cooking Chinese foods.  I took down notes on all the famous Chinese dishes in the show and practiced cooking by myself for some time. Now I am quite good at cooking Chinese foods. SHBS has a cooking classroom for students and it requires the students to learn to cook 8 dishes before graduation. Our chief also offers cooking elective. I am so happy and grateful for this. 



Finally, I would like to thank our school once again for providing me with such a good learning environment, not only in academic sense but also in offering various opportunities for me to explore and develop my interests.  Each of us will grow up in our own ways by adapting ourselves to changes and exploring the world  through choices, actions and efforts. I believe each of my schoolmates will be able to grow up in his own way. Let’s work together for a bright future.