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Voice of Youth||To Endure To Grow
Time Of Publication : 2022-06-22 15:50:00 Information Classification : Campus Notifications


Editor's Note: During the covid lockdown, our school initiated "The Voice of Youth", a composition contest, hoping that students would encourage each other by writing down and sharing what they saw and heard and how they felt. Many experts have said that the covid pandemic has impacted on this generation of teenagers much more than we imagine. Then what do students think of it? Dylan Huo wrote about the boredom and frustration of being locked-down and having online classes at home, and about his struggle with his own desires. He told us that even though the learning environment is not perfect, he keeps reflecting on himself and adapting themselves to such an environment. His introspection and initiative to make progress despite distractions make us see the shining hope inside the teenagers. 


Gradually, we can hear cicadas chirping. Though they chirp softly in early summer, not as noisily as they do in July. They send us a  reminder that " this semester is coming to an end." I think I am a little crazy, not knowing whether it is because I have been sitting at home before my computer screen for more than two months attending online classes or because I am a little worried about my final exams and the unpredictable future. However, at this time, I have to seize this opportunity -- the composition contest-- to pour out my thoughts and feelings. I simply couldn’t wait to express myself even if it would mean making myself a laughing stock.

Nowadays people will turn pale at the mention of the covid pandemic. I vaguely remember that the day before I went back home: I had taken a covid test before school was over, and that night I invited my friends to play a group video game, but suddenly I was astonished to hear the news that all students in Shanghai would have to stay at home and attend online classes. Indeed, I had never expected that we would have to be placed on a citywide lockdown and attend online classes for the rest of the semester. I admit that I don't have strong willpower or great patience, but if I could adapt myself to such unfavorable conditions, I would grow up and benefit from such experiences. I have learned no such things as tips or outlines in this semester except one word from my computer screen and my pen: endure.   

Yes, you need to endure it until the end of the semester.


Only when you have learned to endure and be patient can you keep optimistic.  Admittedly, you may also encounter the following problems during the online teaching at home, such as being judged as absent from class because of Internet congestion; having to take repeated covid test; being likely to go absent-minded in class; studying for AP tests for a long time only to be told they had to be canceled. Problems like these were the great changes in life brought about by the corona virus. Some people respond by shouting at the sky angrily, while others by letting out a long sigh. Differences in their attitudes would directly influence their studies, and even their grades. Many others feel sad, confused and angry as I did. If I manage to control my temper, I would be able to learn more knowledge, keep advancing and even achieve more than ever.  By enduring this and that under the current circumstances, we will be happy and optimistic about our life.

Only when you have learned to endure and be patient can you avoid being absent-minded. Now, we need to focus our attention on somewhat boring online classes, but how can we part with our pleasurable cell phones. To be honest, I haven’t done a good job, during online classes so far, in resisting the temptation of playing video games. How valuable this kind of willpower is! Indeed, few of us would keep looking at the screen all day long because those laws, concepts and formulas very often appear as if they were ancient Egyptian words, especially when you choose to turn on your phone, you will be able to enjoy reading huge amounts of information. You may begin to feel guilty because people are filled with contradictory thoughts.  At this point, you can try to endure and be patient. Although everyone knows that he or she should endure and be patient, they may find that theory and practice are far apart, and even if they can endure, they won’t be able to hold on for so long. Then we may begin by enduring small things for one minute and then 3 or 5 minutes. Gradually, you will learn how to better control yourself and devote more efforts to online classes. You may have unexpected fun by then. The less absent-minded you go now, the more opportunities and choices you will win for yourself in the future. So refrain from playing games, you will find how hardworking you can be.


Ordinary people other than an expert at giving definitions can find out that what has been discussed above all belongs to theory. So, when it comes to practice, people find it difficult to endure.  This is actually quite natural because endurance itself is a paradox. On many levels, endurance represents limiting one's instincts and desires and doing things that make one uncomfortable. However, our society is governed by rules and restrictions, and sometimes you have to give in to those rules, and so do we endure. Endurance is to make a compromise between one's nature and one’s sense because only by enduring at this moment can we make a difference and do well in our exams and tests during online teaching.


“We seek to cope with changing events by sticking to our original aspirations.” No one expected such a great change at the beginning of the semester. However, at such moments, it is our endurance and patience that can make us do online as well as we do on campus. Keep up our efforts! Every uncomfortable thing that you choose to endure will pay off in the end and make us bloom like a brightly colored flowers.