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SHBS Online Science and Art Fair
Time Of Publication : 2022-06-15 00:00:00 Information Classification : Campus News


The CAS session on May 30 saw the successful conclusion of SHBS 2022 online Science and Art Fair.

This year, a total of 34 science projects and over 100 works of art were on display, and about 100 students participated in the fair.


Dressed in a white lab gown and wearing long hair and a deliberately-grown beard (trying to impersonate Albert Einstein), Mr. Chen Jin, the vice principal who had been confined to campus for more than two months due to the covid lockdown, declared the event open in front of the school's science building.

Through his camera, Principal Jin guided the audience to review the grand science and art fair held in the science building last year. Looking at the exquisite posters on the wall, we seemed to be seeing everything vividly in our mind.

Admittedly, although we couldn’t hold the fair on campus this year, students still made wonderful posters for the event. Instead of setting up booths on campus, this time students recorded and presented their projects by making videos: Jobs, such as writing scripts, shooting videos, subtitling, adding background music and dubbing, were all completed by students independently. Each video demonstrated a scientific law or explained the process of an experiment, and many were of high quality.



After the introduction and review, Principal Jin displayed a video presenting the highlights of all sciecne projects. Several students also shared how they had managed to complete their works at home despite difficulties and accidents. Teachers were very pround of students’ perseverance, deep-thinking and self-reflection. They did a wonderful job. Let’s have a look at how some students feel about this fair. 



Pamela Pan: In this event, I decided to challenge myself by using cartoon to present my projecrtt. It has given me a great sense of achievement to know that I eventually succeeded in completing the project and did it well. Although I encountered some problems while doing the project, I got them solved. Thus, I feel I have become better at solving problems.

Luca Zhu: I have learned a lot from this online science & art fair. By participating in the event, not only have I developed my skills in learning independently, but also I have deepened my love for science. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to participate in the event in this way. Meanwhile, I hope our school's science and art fair can be even more wonderful in the future.

Kay Gao:By participating in the event, not only have I gained a deeper understanding of the topic i chose, but also I have learned how to work together with other students more efficiently so that we can avoid wasting our time and efforts while doing our project.



Jerry Qi: Compared with other CAS activities, science and art fair is more academic, which means we have to base our project more on academic research. Unlike previous events, this year we had to present our projects online. I found it most difficult for us to communicate effectively with each other. Take our project group for example, we wasted two days in preparing for our project because of delayed communication. Therefore, I think this event can not only enrich our knowledge, but, more importantly, it can help develop our organizational and teamwork skills.

Era Wu: I feel much honored to introduce our project. Meanwhile, I am very grateful to my group members for giving a full play to what they are good at while preparing for the event. They have done perfectly well in every job, such as making posters, making models, or writing articles or shooting videos. Thank you all, my group members. I am proud of you.

Eric Wang: I have played a role like that of “O Henry” in preparing for the presentation of this event. My partner and I managed to get everything done in spite of the fact that something unexpected occurred during the process. However, before the final presentation, I suddenly detected a big problem: the video we had made had not been edited into the overall video to be presented. In the end, my partner and I immediately talked with our teacher and agreed on the solution of playing our video before our introduction.  "Life is full of uncertainties."  This accident put our ability to handle emergency to the test, and was one of the most interesting experiences I had in this event. 



As Principal Jin commented, "It is natural to encounter accidents. It is a rare accident that no accidents ever occur to you."   What matters most is that students should learn how to adapt themselves to such unexpected things and manage to get their task completed. Students will be able to benefit a lot from the process and be more mature.

Click on the following link to look at all the posters and works of art included in the school’s official account for the event:

Copy the following link to open the browser, and you will read the posters for the event, and have access to all the full videos.