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SHBS Online Recital Show: Ode to Reunion
Time Of Publication : 2022-06-08 14:01:00 Information Classification : Campus Activities


The CAS session on May 23 saw a recital show, the theme of which was "Ode to Reunion". Two months ago, it was still early spring, but now it is already early summer. We hope that by participating in this recital, teachers and students would be able to make up for what they missed in Spring and embrace the surprises summer may bring us. May everyone be safe and sound and all good things happen as expected.

Introduced by Mary Xu, the elegant hostess, and Lee Li,the host with an attractive deep voice, all the candidates recited with a silver voice and deep feeling, enchanting the audience.

The first program was "Orchid Pavilion", a group recitation performed by Eric Wang, Lucas Lu, Jerry Chen, Ray Liu, and James Zhu. While enjoying their recitation, we seemed to feel a kind of openness across time and space. Even though we live in a different age from Wang xizhi’s, we all share the same ambition and dream, which was perfectly demonstrated by their impressive recitation.


The second show was "Youth", a group recitation brought by Diana Tang, Powell Lin, Winnie Zheng, Thompson Shen, Andy Chen, Pamela Pan, and Melody Xu. Mr. Liang Qichao once said: "The wisdom of the young will make our country wise, the wealth of the young will make our country rich, and the strength of the young will make our country strong." Young people are energetic; teenagers are as vigorous as blazing flame. We are the most promising generation.  We firmly believe that one day we will shoulder the responsibility of revitalizing our nation and create a brighter future. With many historical scenes passing by, we could hear they recite sentence by sentence in passionate voices. They showed us their firm faith in the future.


The third program was "The Merchant of Venice", also a group recitation performed by Ken Zhang, Han Lin, William Wang, Wayne Xie, Jenny Liang, Lily Li, and Jason Cui. A good play, while bringing laughter or tears, will also make people think about society and life, so "The Merchant of Venice" written by Shakespeare is just such a play. They impressed the audience by not only depicting the distinct features of their roles but also interpreting them in their own ways.


The fourth show was "Li Yu's Monologue in the Moonlight", a group recitation performed by David Kong, Jack Lin, and Max Guo. Li Yu, an ancient Chinese poet and emperor, expressed the sadness of losing his country and his desire for a better life in his poem "Yu Beauty". While reciting the poem sentence by sentence with guilt, regret and relief, David Kong was deep into the role of Li Yu, and imagined Li’s monologue before leaving his last poem. He recited the poem in a sobbing voice which perfectly matched the melody from "Guzheng", an ancient Chinese musical instrument.


The fifth program was "Wish", a group recitation performed by Jack Hua, Pamela Pan, Peter Zhang and Luca Zhu. Mr. Jiang Xun, a Taiwanese writer and philosopher with great influence on readers in Chinese mainland, has his unique and exquisite observation and experience of the world and life. He wrote a poem named "Wish" to express his experiences and feelings. The four performers, who have been staying on campus since the lockdown began, expressed their best wishes for the world and their gratitude for being given the freedom to enjoy the starry night sky on this wonderland-like campus.


The sixth show was "Sheng Sheng Man" , a duet recitation brought by Steven Chen and Kevin Yin. Ms. Li Qingzhao experienced great hardships in her later years: her country was defeated; her home, lost; her husband, dead. At that time, the poems she wrote became sad and bleak. "Sheng Sheng Man" was one of her most classic poems during that time. They recited the poem accompanied by guitar music, which sounded fantastic.


The 7th program was "What Will Happen in Your Fate", a duet recitation performed by Andy Xu and Allen Cao. Life is a long journey, and we may feel lost and confused when facing the unknown. However, we need to be brave in our life. we need to strive to set sails despite stormy waves. The two 12th graders showed their perseverance and courage by reciting the poem. They have been trying to achieve their initial goals by making determined and constant efforts.There is no doubt that their recitation has greatly inspired students of lower grades.



The 8th program was "Break the Cocoon", which was recited by Ting Yu. We have been repeating the process from self-discovery and self-shaping to self-fulfillment all our life. Along the way, we may feel confused or suspicious, or may live in the shadow of others. Nevertheless, we will eventually follow our original aspiration, write our own life stories and live in our own way. By reciting the poem written by himself, Ting Yu told us with his passionate voice that everyone should be the master of his or her own life.


The 9th program was "24 hours in Shanghai", a group recitation performed by Charlotte Li, Selina Feng, Nicole Jin and Alice Wei. Hearts beat together behind closed doors; people are busy helping each other. Warm greetings will dispel anxiety; Keep guard on each night so that peace is with us. They expressed their wish: as a great city, Shanghai will conquer the covid pandemic very soon with the help and support from the whole nation.


We hope everyone will enjoy this well-prepared recital and will draw confidence and inspiration from it. Meanwhile, we also wish our city and our school all the best.