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SHBS Summer School VS Summer Camp
Time Of Publication : 2022-05-26 16:00:00 Information Classification : Campus Notifications

Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School offers summer school and summer camp during the summer vacation to enrich the holidays of SHBS students and those who are interested in international schools. What's the difference between summer school and summer camp? How should students choose? What makes SHBS summer school and summer camp stand out? Let's take a look!

Differences between summer school and summer camp in general

Summer School mainly focuses on academic learning, generally divided into credit courses, non-credit courses, and language courses. To put it simply, it shares the similar goal with a normal semester: help students learn about certain subjects and earn credits. Under the guidance of teachers, students often have to finish the academic tasks of one subject, which generally spreads over a semester, in 3-4 weeks, so the time is tight and the task is heavy. Summer school is a good choice for students interested in getting credits in advance, learning about certain courses, or just experiencing the courses they don’t have a chance to choose during a normal semester due to time constraints. 

Summer Camp usually combines learning with fun activities, encouraging students to explore different fields. Diversified activities can help students explore their own interests. The duration of summer camp is relatively short, usually about one week. The overall pace is slow with more activities and less academic pressure. It is more suitable for young students who want to learn about international schools.

SHBS Summer School mainly focuses on academic learning and offers a wide selection of courses such as English, literature, history, drama, etc. As in a normal term, Summer School offers P&B (Psychology and Behavior) session every morning to start the students’ day with inspirational activities or sharing. Outdoor activities are also held once a week for all students to enjoy the sunshine and scenery and get to know each other better. In addition, some social activities are also held from time to time for students to participate in. Thus, the students can also experience a colorful school life besides the immersive academic learning. 

To sum up, SHBS Summer School is a condensed version of a normal semester. It is not only suitable for old students and incoming freshmen, but also for visitors who want to experience a formal international high school classroom. SHBS students, old or new, can take advantage of this opportunity to earn the credit of a certain subject in advance to gain some edge for their own academic learning. Visitors can also get to know the most authentic international school life and learn more knowledge about a certain subject, killing two birds with one stone.

SHBS English Summer Camp is a program that combines English learning with quality development activities. Students have the opportunity to study and explore different projects, such as drama, English reading, and writing, with foreign teachers with different backgrounds and specialties. In addition, students also participate in some American camp activities to train students' comprehensive qualities such as teamwork, creativity, hands-on ability, etc. Having spent a long time with foreign teachers and immersed in the English environment, students will find it natural to communicate in English and find that improving their English skills can be so much fun. 

In addition to Summer School and English Summer Camp at the beginning of the summer vacation, SHBS also offers Orientation Camp about 10 days before the new semester starts. It includes fun experience courses of various subjects, American-style outdoor camp activities, mental and emotional well-being workshop, emergency rescue workshop, business contest, talent show, psychological and behavioral courses, etc. All SHBS new students need to take part in this Orientation camp, which aims to help new students get familiar with the teachers, new students, and the curriculum, adapt to the pace of SHBS campus life and the English-only environment, and integrate into the school culture and environment, to be fully prepared for the new semester. 

The Orientation Camp is also open to non-SHBS students who want to learn about international courses. It is also a great opportunity to experience international courses, meet new students and teachers, improve their English skills, hone their teamwork skills, and further develop their potentials. 

SHBSb Summer School, English Summer Camp and Orientation Camp provide a variety of summer courses and experiences for students of different grades and different needs. Come to SHBS for a meaningful, unique and unforgettable summer! Looking forward to meeting you in summer! Please follow our official wechat account for more information on those programs.