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Unconventional English Song Contest
Time Of Publication : 2022-05-25 15:36:00 Information Classification : Campus Activities

Beautiful music can always deeply touches us, comforts us and fills us with strength. Even the lockdown couldn’t stop us from holding the English song contest as scheduled so as to share music and connect with each other. The finalists edited their songs into wonderful MVs by making good use of this onlineness, which not only enriched the songs and but also made it an even more enjoyable show. Thus, the CAS session on May 9 saw an amazing English Song Contest successfully concluded

The first to present online were Powell, Carson Henry, Steven and Ting, who brought us a song called Boulevard of Broken Dreams. With Ting doing the editing, Powell playing the bass and the guitar, Carson playing the drum,Tang playing the piano, and Steven singing, their work was like a classic band MV.  The song expressed cries against fate and life, representing their desire for love and power in loneliness.


The next was Harry,who brought us One-day. Harry made his MV with dozens of his cute and hand-drawn pictures, expressing mankind’s desire for peaceful life. We were deeply impressed by one sentence in the lyrics---“I know some day it will all turn around”, which is exactly what we hope for now---waiting for the covid pandemic to die out and everyone to be safe and sound. 


Then, Era presented us a song called Won't Go Home Without You. As a classic song by Maroon 5, the song indicates that the singer wishes to save the relationship with his loved one because the singer believes that their romance has not come to an end yet. Its dynamic rhythms matched Era's daily life during the lockdown shown in her MV, such as making cookies, celebrating her dad’s birthday and playing with her dog etc. Era showed us her sweet life at home by singing this song.


The next to present was Tommy Xu, who sang us a song called When We Were Young. Teenagers’ feelings are pure and holy, but how time flies. Tommy’s childhood photos were shown at the beginning of this MV. What a lovely boy he was! The MV also brought back the precious memories of teachers and students.


Then, Elaine and Yolanda sang us a duet called Someone You Loved, which depicted the deep love for the deceased one. Though the last sentence in the lyrics---“I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved” was not prolonged and stopped right there, it did break the audience's  heart. Have you recalled any unforgettable experience or any treasured people in your life?


The next to sing online was Steven, who brought us a song called Numb. Steven made his MV by selecting video clips from movies such as Suicide Squad, Gotham and Joker. His song represented a decision to release and unleash the self when stressed by pain. His MV showed us how the poor, much-bullied Arthur transformed himself into Joker. A true feast to the eyes and ears. 


Next, Jessica Shen, a strong singer of our school, brought us her song called Redbone. She caught the audience eyes with her cute hairstyle, her sweet and graceful voices and her elegant gestures before the screen. We were all touched by her powerful song.


The last to sing online was Sean, who brought us his song called It's Always The Little Things. He sounded gentle, deep and attractive as usual, drawing us closer and closer to his voices every passing second. He sounded as if he were telling one story after another like an experienced traveller singing to his own guitar music.