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    How to Get to Top Colleges After Failing Zhongkao?
    Parents and students may hear stories like this from time to time: A child, with very poor academic performance, who might not be able to enter high school, changed his life by going to a foreign school, and became excellent since then and was finally admitted by top universities and reached a new high of his life.
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    SHBS Online Science and Art Fair
    The CAS session on May 30 saw the successful conclusion of SHBS 2022 online Science and Art Fair.
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    Congratulations to SHBS!
    On May 24, Forbes officially announced the results of the annual Forbes International School Ranking for 2022. This is the second year that Forbes has launched its evaluation of international schools, which is based on research and analysis of four core dimensions--the schools' financial strengths, achievements, faculty, and features--and questionnaire surveys of teachers and students. This ranking recognizes 100 international schools that stand out in its assessment.
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    Building Shanghai||Environmental Ethics of Art
    Building Shanghai
    Our group's exploration focused more on raising people's awareness of environmental protection by creating works of art. This time we chose to weave tapestry.
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    Explore Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School
    Expanding campus locally and globally
    Vision: Inspire learning that expands with time
    Mission: Cultivate global citizens with Chinese culture, and Chinese citizens with global vision
    Values: Knowledge • Community • Creativity

    Learning at SHBS extends well beyond the classroom. Students connect with local and international communities to further their education, engage in service, and develop meaningful connections. Locally, each fall the entire community creates Building Shanghai, a week-long program that explores how our home city transformed from a small trading city to a global metropolis in the past forty years. SHBS also hosts a reciprocal exchange with Liceo Franceso Redi in Arezzo, Italy, and partners with World Leadership School for a cultural immersion program in Mumbai and Chinchoti, India. Discover more about our academic program…

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    Certification and Cooperation
    Accreditations, Affiliations, and Partnerships
    ACT  Authorized Internal Test Center
    Exclusive Authorization in Shanghai by GIA
    CEEB: 694713
    Love Tennis
    Accredited by Congia
    World Leadership School
    Cambridge Assessment International Education