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Time of publication : 2021-08-31 00:00:00 Content classification : Student Activities

Commencement for the Fall semester of 2021


On August 31st, SHBS held its commencement for the Fall semester of 2021 to welcome back its existing students and greet its newly-enrolled students.



As more and more audience took their seats in the auditorium, they were attracted by some videos being played on the big screen.

                    The first two videos were about the sports day last semester, and the third one was about the recent orientation camp.

Then before the commencement took place.

Some energetic girls performed a dance with their sweet smiles and elegant postures, winning cheers from the audience.

Two students performed calligraphy arts, and meanwhile two others played kungfu, winning praises from the audience.

Two boys sang a duet to their own guitar, touching the audience.


The commencement was co-hosted by Foreign Principal Chris and Ms Irene Ma. After introducing the faculty team to the audience,

                        Principal  Chris invited Mr. Joshua to speak on behalf of the faculty team.


Speech by representative of faculty team

Exploration, side journeys, detours, and mistakes are just as important as goal setting and achievement.  It’s important to view these years as an opportunity to explore who you are as a person as much as it’s a chance to set goals for the future.Try things that may be too difficult, and find yourself in places where you don’t know the rules and are unsure of the path. 

  Waste time and join clubs or groups whose descriptions make you say “huh?”.   Most importantly, take this time to experience change in ways you may not fully understand, and know that you’ll be a far different person at the end of this path than you were when you began, and know that this is a good thing.

Speech by representative of students


"If you have any questions about campus life, turning to your teacher is definitely the best choice."  

"Everyone is an individual with an independent mind, so they are bound to hold the same and different opinions. At this time, we need to respect everyone, listen to their opinions, discuss with them and seek common ground while reserving differences."  

"I hope the new students will quickly adapt to the new campus life, and existing students will keep making progress."  


Awarding ceremony

students were greatly impressed by the variety of scholarships which ranged  from the Wenhui Scholarship worth 1,000 yuan per person to the Founder award worth 20,000 yuan,

But in this community where students and teachers live together, it cannot thrive without the support from parents.   

When the students are thinking, exploring, practicing and dedicating, it is the teachers who give us guidance, while it is  parents who give us support.


Speech by principal bowen

"Everyone's life is made up of habits."  

"A rich man searched for a stone that could be turned into gold for ten years, but because he repeatedly tossed the stones during the ten years, he threw the stone away the moment he found it."  

"When a company recruited its employees, they didnt test them or talk to them. Instead, they picked the best candidate just by observing their habitual actions."  

"Water drops can wear through a stone, and even a rope saw can break a wood. If you keep doing something trivial, you will achieve something great eventually.


We cheered for those performances, looked forward to being one of the award winners, and learned a lot from those speeches.

The commencement of 2021 SHBS Fall semester was successfully concluded.