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Sports Day
Time of publication : 2021-05-29 00:00:00 Content classification : Student Activities

Sports Day||In Honor of the Sportsmanship

 SHBS 5月29日

For the glory

May 21st , 2021, saw the annual SHBS spring sports day. The weather cleared up after many rainy days, so the bright sunshine warmed up the atmosphere of the sports day.

The opening ceremony and the march-in ceremony

After Principal Chris gave his opening speech, the sports meeting was officially opened when Principal Bowen loudly rang a gong.


First of all, all teachers gave their march-in dance performance. They changed their usually serious style and danced happily in the sunshine. Each homeroom also gave its unique march-in performance.



✕  Sports Meeting

Some classes played practical jokes: Dressed in doll costumes of Garden Babies,  students from HR pre 1 mixed the dance of New Treasure Island, giving the audience something fresh and new. Students from HR 11.1 naturally combine "Two Tigers Love to Dance" with "Black People Carrying a Coffin", two hot dances from Bilibili, a bullet-screen site, making the audience amused.




Sports Meeting

Other classes performed dances: Students from HR 11.2 and 11.3 performed two popular square dances, "Drunken" and "I'm the Queen" respectively. Students from HR 10.1 brought us the cute cat dance; kids from HR 10.2 performed “Good Time”, a Hawaiian style dance; students from HR 10.4 performed “Calabash Brothers”, bringing back so much childhood memory. Led by Jenny Wang, students from HR 12.2 performed their dashing “ social step”.


Still other classes played radio gymnastics: HR pre 2 brought us “Colorful Sunshine”; HR 10.3 performed a “Health Song”with a brisk pace.

Students from HR pre 3 amazed the audience by performing an act from the cartoon movie “Frozen Free Fall”.


Track events

Sports Meeting

On the field of track and field, all athletes worked hard and their sweat fell on the red track under the scorching sun. As the first shot rang out, the track events began with the 100-meter race. Jared Lin from the boys' group and Jessica Bao from the girls' group were running at a shockingly fast speed. Next the 200- and 400-meter race took place. Jackson Yao attracted the audience’s attention by leaving his opponents behind by half a ring. All the students actively cooperated with the organization of the sports meeting and finished their events in an orderly manner. No matter what their result might be, I believe that all athletes wouldn’t feel regretful since they all tried their best.


Field events



Field events were also worth watching! Rope skipping was a competition among all the homeroom classes. Some of them took it very seriously and practised together several times.  The school had equipped the shot put and standing long jump competitions with professional measuring tools such as tape measures and calibrated pads to ensure the accuracy of data.  Although the field events lasted for a short time, the students enjoyed the fun they brought.

Ball Games



The exciting ball games immediately followed the rope skipping. Players from each class formed their own teams and played four ball games on four courts at the same time, namely basketball, football, tennis and table tennis.


The game of basketball was a three-on-three half-court matchup that lasted for five minutes, with an additional three-minute game in the event of a tie. The first game was a very close one, which still ended in a tie after 3 minutes of extra play time, and the final result was decided by Peter Chen’s accurate shot.


The tennis matches were played in two matches at the same time. One was 1 on 1, and the other was 2 on 2. In the 1 on 1 match, Lieyton Jiang and Jessica Bao were the two players. The former narrowly won the close game in the end.


The football match and table tennis match were also very wonderful, with the players’ sweat running down like raindrops and the audience cheering them on. The 50-minute ball games soon came to an end.

Fun Games


At about 1pm, we had our fun game -- stepping on balloons. There were 4 participants from each homeroom class, and each participant tied two balloons on both sides of the ankles.  The rules of the game were very simple : in a specific area of the competition, one side wins the game by bursting the balloon attached to the opponent’s ankles in 3 minutes without crossing the boundary. During the game, touching or attacking your opponent with any part of your body was not allowed.  As soon as the whistle was blown, the players were nervous, fearing that their opponents rushed over to step on their balloons. Some students stayed put, watching others attack, while others were aggressive, and I belonged to one of them. One opponent wanted to step on one of my balloons at first, but I stepped on one later. When the game came to an end,  he wanted to sneak attack my balloon, but he never expected that it was I who burst his last balloon. The fierce competition ended with Mr. Everest’s whistle.

We learned a lesson from the fun game that in order to win the final victory, each homeroom class needs to be united.

Through this sports meeting, each homeroom class showed its unique style, fought and sweated by participating in various events, and realized the importance of unity. Our kids are as confident as the flying birds, as youthful as the rising sun, as vigorous as the brilliant sunshine. Let’s fight in honor of the sportsmanship!