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2021 Commencement
Time of publication : 2021-06-11 08:00:00 Content classification : Student Activities


On June 4th , 2021, the sun emerged from behind masses of clouds. At first, it was cloudy in the morning, but soon it cleared up and turned sunny. The early summer breezes brought fragrance of gardenia. Today, the class of 2021 seniors officially graduated from SHBS.

At 9 am, the graduates entered the auditorium wearing wreaths bearing the blessings of the school and the  underclassmen. Photos taken during their childhood were played on the screen, bringing back their sweet memories.In a twinkling of an eye, these lovely kids have grown up and are about to attend different universities.

Watching the videos of blessing prepared by teachers, students and the heads of GIA, all kinds of emotions such as joy, nostalgia and so on welled up in my heart.

This year's commencement was different from those of the previous years. The musical SE1Cou7H, originally created by students and Mr. Will Liu, was the first to be performed on the stage. Performers sang about the story of Felicity, a newcomer to a school, who was, at first, estranged by others but eventually became open-hearted and was accepted by others. The musical sounded an echo to nearly all growing up stories of young kids. It’s amazing that the music, lyrics, singing, dancing and props were all created by teachers and students independently.


The commencement officially started at 10 am.


Principal Chris delivered the opening speech, in which he expected much of the graduates’ future. Graduates are expected to do their best and be kind; they are expected to remember to wear both straps when carrying a backpack, just like trying to keep balance in their lives; they are expected to smile at their life and remember to try some ice cream occasionally. These are also what Principal Chris usually says as reminders to students. Hearing these, all students gave a tacit smile.


Mr. Zheng Hongfang, president of Hongrun Construction Group, expressed his best wishes to the graduates in his cordial local accent. He warned them to face the uncertainty of the future, set goals, and make their own glorious achievements. What he said showed the audacity of an entrepreneur.

Mr. Yang, president of the parent-school committee and a representative of parents, urged graduates to find a “mirror” that could be used to reflect on themselves.The parents also had brocade flag made as a gift of honor given to our school, the graduates’ homeroom teachers and the most beloved and wisest Principal Chris.

Hina Liang, an 11th grader and a representative of all students, extended her most sincere gratitude and most sincere blessing to the seniors. May they make more brilliant achievements around the world.

Afterwards, Mr. Zheng Hongfang, president of Hongrun Construction Group, awarded Jacky An, the Graduate of highest Distinction, a certificate of honor. Jacky will also be awarded a scholarship of 50,000 yuan.

On behalf of the graduates, Jacky expressed his gratitude to his Alma mater.He promised that all graduates will keep working hard and strive for new glory.

The graduates presented two gifts to their Alma mater -- bronze chariots and horses and peach and plum trees, which mean that the school will be able to break through thorns, and move all the way forward, and thrive.Vice principal Liu Liu together with the other two vice principals accepted the gifts and gave a touching speech of appreciation.

Then came the most solemn moment.The graduates walked on to the stage one by one to receive the diplomas presented by Principal Chris. Principal Bowen moved their tassel to the right side. The rice or wheat ears were ripe, symbolizing that the graduates have made academic achievements and could fly high.

The boys in yellow gowns and the girls in blue gowns stepped onto the stage one by one solemnly and orderly to embrace this moment. It seemed as if the atmosphere in the auditorium had become very solemn and all the students,especially those graduates were filled with excitement.


Finally, President bowen sent his wishes to the graduates: "Don't hesitate to connect, don't hesitate to love, and don't hesitate to live."

When we grew up, many people have helped us. Among them parents are the ones who have been giving us unconditional love and care from the moment we were born.Graduates presented wreaths to their parents and thanked them for their love and support.

After the graduates sang the graduation chorus , students from the band and the dance clubs brought a special surprise to the guests, showing the versatility of SHBS students.The band, made up mostly of graduates, sang "Doa", a Japanese song. "It's better to burn out than to fade away!” The song shows the graduates' attitude towards life: dedicated to their dreams! The students of the dance club made quite a stir in the audience by performing a series of dances, vividly depicting their vigorous youth.


Just as what Jacky An wrote in his “dedicated dreams”, a poem for the commencement:


We will travel far

To illuminate the world with our dreams and passion

To embolden our country with our gifts and determination 


We will not forget

The place where we have risen

No matter distance or duration of separation”



May our graduates follow their dedicated dreams and travel far and wide, blessed by the best wishes from their Alma mater.