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Opening Ceremony || Shining Stars on SHBS
Time Of Publication : 2021-02-28 08:00:00 Information Classification : Campus Activities

Opening Ceremony of SHBS 2021 Spring Semester

    During the warming-up performances, Ting Yu and Justin Chi sang a song while playing the guitar, Peter Zhang played a piano solo, and Jenny Wang and others performed a dance, showing students’ artistic talents and the wonderful campus life they had in the past semester.


    The speeches of faculty representative and student representatives ignited lots of laughter from the audience.   Rita urged the students to set specific and realistic goals for the new semester; for example, "lose 5 kilos of weight by June 1st ".  Students were all amused by her speech.

    In her speech, 10th grader Charlotte Li encouraged the students to jump out of their comfort zone in the new semester, to take the various opportunities provided by the school to grow.   In his speech, 11th grader Andy Xu called on the younger students to plan early for their college applications.  In his speech, 12th grader Harry Yu encouraged the 12th graders to make the best use of their last 4 months at school, and advised non-12 graders to work harder on their standardized tests such as TOEFL, SAT and ACT. On behalf of their respective grade, the above three students shared their experience of growth with all the students.

    The awarding session is the most-anticipated and the most inspiring. All the Straight A students awarded on stage had earned their honor by hardwork. Seeing student groups representing “the most competitive homeroom class,” “ the strongest homeroom class”, “ the S and A class clubs” walk onto the stage, we all understood that their great efforts and teamwork paid off.

    At the opening ceremony, the school also extended its gratitude to the parents who have always supported its development. Parents and school join hands to empower the growth of students.  Finally, Principal Bowen gave a summary speech. He illustrated the significance of setting a goal and challenging ourselves with the “entropy reduction” law in thermodynamics. He also inspired us with a quote from Kazuo Inamori : “ A sense of fulfillment will be brought after you working very hard to achieve a goal”, and an inspiring song "I believe".

    The opening ceremony was successfully concluded with Bowen’s inspiring lyric quote and those beating notes. Filled with passion, we were looking forward to the new semester.