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SHBS has successfully obtained Cognia certification
Time Of Publication : 2021-05-29 00:00:00 Information Classification : Campus Announcements


What is Cognia?

      Cognia, which was formed in 2018 by the merger of two leading non-profit educational institutions, AdvancED and Measured Progress. As the world's largest non-profit international school accreditation body, Cognia currently serves more than 36,000 schools, nearly 25 million students and 5 million educators in 85 countries worldwide. Cognia's business covers four majors: certification, evaluation, consulting, and professional learning.


What is the point of getting Cognia certified?

The combined Cognia is the world's largest international school certification body with tens of thousands of globally certified school quality evaluation data. A school's ability to pass Cognia (formerly AdvancED) certification means that the school meets global educational trends and challenges in terms of quality improvement, evaluation, student participation, campus cultural development, effective learning environment and educational information data, or educational teaching management and administration, which means that the international school is in line with the ranks of the world's best international schools and the world's best education.

Certified international schools will also receive a full range of promotions in terms of international recognition. For schools, not only from the perspective of running a school in all aspects of promotion, for students and parents, there will be a personal feeling. Because whether it is the future of its graduates to apply to overseas universities, or the introduction of first-class education at home and abroad, or the school and other schools around the world will have a great impact.


What are the advantages of cognia certification?

1, certified schools, will be highly recognized by universities around the world. Its student GPA is more gold-rich, and the transcripts are endorsed by Cognia, which is a strong advantage when applying to university.
2, through the certification of schools, higher degree of international recognition, in many schools stand out.
3, through the certification of the school, Cognia regular guidance and supervision of the school, the school will continue to improve, the pursuit of excellence.
4, through the certification of the school, can ensure that transfer to overseas junior high school, high school students seamlessly connect the next grade, do not need to repeat a year.


What standards does cognia certification examine schools?

Cognia Certification Research Schools are comprehensive and are evaluated around leadership, learning Capacity Domain, and Resource Capacity Domain, based on 60 criteria, including teaching philosophy, curriculum, faculty, teaching management, and operations management.

Cognia certification, high standards and stringent requirements, is designed to help schools improve their effectiveness through a comprehensive review of all aspects of education, teaching and administration.