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Time Of Publication : 2021-03-12 08:00:00 Information Classification : Campus Activities

SHBS 2021 Welcome New Student

     March 8, "New" stage, welcome to the new event. This "new" word, there is a double meaning ah, one is "New Year" to, the new semester, everything is happy; The event is divided into stage performances and student union by-election two parts, wonderful and unusual.


    The first step was a stage performance. The first show to perform was the singing of "Side Face", performed by Lin Zidong, Zheng Shanle, and Zhang Tingxuan. Among the three, Lin Zidong and Zhang Tingxuan as musicians accompaniment, one playing the guitar, one playing the piano, two instruments playing together complement each other, against the song of Zheng Shanle light spirit. The program was very successful, the performance ended with a thunderous applause, driving up the atmosphere of the whole scene.

    Then there was a series of song performances, Keith teacher performance of the singing, new and old students Duan Wei to, Ding Zhenyi, Long Haixuan joint performance of rap, as well as Gu Peisong teacher brought the solo "Animal World", all to the applause of the whole audience. At the request of the whole scene, Mr. Gu sang a second song, "Gentle", in cooperation with the school band. The beautiful song complements the melodious instrument sound, reveals the prospect of a better future in the faint sorrow, shows the vigorous vitality of the young boys and girls.

  Next came two different forms of programming, with Fang Zixuan's hot dance "Savage" and Sun Jiaxuan bringing the piano solo "The Pastoral Child Flute". Two works of a hot and incomparable lighting the whole scene, a refreshing light so that the whole scene of the crows silent, in sharp contrast at the same time highlights the young boys and girls enthusiastic but also have a calm, the true display of the multi-faceted nature of the teenagers.

  Finally, the new chorus "I believe", the choral program originally did not rehearse many times, but their voice is neat, with the rhythm gently shaking the body, there is a head, as if chest forward, showing vitality and courage and firmness.