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About Us

Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School

Located on a beautiful, ten-acre lakeside campus adjacent to the ancient water town of Zhujiajiao in Shanghai’s western Qingpu district, SHBS was founded in 2018 by a group of life-long international educators. The residential campus offers state-of-the-art resources, including a science and STEAM laboratory building; an arts center with painting, digital arts and ceramics studios; music practice, performance and recording spaces; and recreational facilities for a wide range of sports. With our values of dignity, honor, respect, and integrity, students’ personal and intellectual growth is fostered through a rigorous curriculum and discussion- and project-based learning.

SHBS offers a comprehensive American high school curriculum in partnership with Griggs International Academy, which approves and audits all elements of instruction, including faculty credentials, course material, and examinations. Students are thus eligible to receive a fully accredited U.S. diploma. SHBS is also authorized by ACT to offer GAC courses and to operate as an ACT testing center, with eligible students able to sit for examinations beginning in the Spring of 2021.

Executive Principal Wenguo‘Bowen’ Chen was a founding member of Shanghai High School,International Division, and spent more than twenty years in leadership positions helping to establish it as one of the most highly regarded international schools in the country. He spearheaded the introduction of AP and IB curricula in China, is a distinguished physics teacher, and consults regularly on the development of international schools for Chinese students.
Foreign Principal Christopher Moses held a number of roles at U.S. independent schools, including as Associate Director of College Advising at St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire, and as Dean of Students at Berkeley Carroll in Brooklyn. This is his eighth year as a leader in an international school. He attended Reed College, where he subsequently worked in admissions, before pursuing graduate studies in history at Princeton University.

Partnership with GIA

Griggs International Academy is owned an operated by Andrews University in Michigan, and for over one hundred years has been a pioneer in providing the highest-quality education to students around the world. With a focus on values-based learning, students at affiliate institutions complete a flexible yet comprehensive high school curriculum enriched by opportunities for leadership and service. Licenses by the State of Maryland and fully accredited by Middle States, GIA provides globally recognized credentials of the highest quality. SHBS is the sole licensed partner of GIA in Shanghai; for more information, visit www.griggs.edu

Expansive Possibilities

SHBS students explore their interests with depth and purpose. In Fine Arts, students can partake in a series of Advanced Studio Arts courses that include drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, and digital media. SHBS also offers an innovative partnership with Shanghai Jiaotong University for hand-on STEAM learning in robotics, design, 3D printing, and more.

In athletics, along with a comprehensive physical education program, SHBS offers expert training for students who wish to excel at a competitive level. Double Excellence programs—combining academic achievement with sportsmanship—are available in golf, rowing, and tennis.

Our Team


Vice Executive Principal

Wang Beili

VP-Dean of Students; Chinese Teacher

Chen Jin

Vice Principal; Economics Teacher

Irene Ma

Executive Assistant to the Principal; English Teacher

Helen Miao

Assoc. Dean of Students; English Teacher

Tony Wang

Assoc. Dean of Students; Chinese Teacher

Lin Chuman

Director of Academic Advance and Student Advising; Economics Teacher

He Lei

Tai chi teacher

He Ying

English teacher

Steven Bonta

English and Social Studies Teacher

Beau Rose

Psychology, AP Psychology Teacher

Gabriel Garbar

English and Cultural Studies Teacher

Vivian Chen

Admissions and Recruitment

Chen Zhichao

Director of Food Services

Monice Chen

Yoga Teacher

Olivia Chen

English Teacher; Asst. Director of College Advising

Chen Zhiqiu

Golf Teacher

Evelyn Ding

Tennis Coach; Asst. Coordinator of Double Excellence Program

Guo Beina

Chinese Teacher

Guo Biwen

Science Teacher; Homeroom Teacher

Hu Jianying

Dormitory Supervisor

Tim Jin

Computer Science; AP Computer Science Teacher

Lynn Jin

Science Teacher; Homeroom Teacher

Jang Yurou

Arts Teacher; Media and Publications

Suzi Lin

English and Health Teacher; Homeroom Teacher

Will Liu

Music and AP Music Theory Teacher

Liu Xing

Facilities and Logistics Coordinator

Liu Yan

Art Teacher; Advanced Arts Program Coordinator

Li Zai

Art Teacher

Shu Lihua

Dance Teacher

Marc Sun

Science Teacher; Technology Coordinator

Bonita Wang

Academic Affairs Coordinator

Jenny Wang


Lily Wang

Dormitory Supervisor; Campus Finance Coordinator

Evan Wang

Dormitory Supervisor

Wu Huaijian

Dormitory Supervisor

Dawn Xu

English Teacher; ACT Program Coordinator

Dawn Yang

Economics Teacher; Homeroom Teacher

Neal Zhang

Science Teacher; STEAM Coordinator

Zhang Haijin

Golf Teacher; Asst. Coordinator of Double Excellence Program

Simon Zhang

Tennis Coach; Asst. Coordinator of Double Excellence Program

Judy Zhu

Admissions and Recruitment; Personnel Management

Joy Zhou

Admissions and Recruitment

Vivian Zhang

Mathematics Teacher

Rita Young

English Teacher

Joshua Smith

English Teacher

Marta Kozuch

English Teacher

Jay Maksenuk

Social Studies and Drama Teacher

Keith Barger

Social Studies Teacher

Ali Hanoon

Tennis Coach; Coordinator of Double Excellence Program