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How Does SHBS Teach Arts & Music Online?
Time Of Publication : 2022-06-17 01:00:00 Information Classification : Campus Notifications

As the Covid-19 epidemic situation got worse, all teachers and students in Shanghai had to switch to online classes on March 12, and it’s over 2 months since then. Based on our successful experience in 2020, SHBS responded to the sudden change with calmness and fast action, enabling students to have a smooth transition from campus-based learning to online learning.  All subject groups hold their weekly online teaching and sharing session, and the art teaching group makes no exception.  Let's have a look at how SHBS art teachers gave their classes.


SHBS has been providing materials and tools for students to use in art classes, but due to the outbreak of epidemic and the lockdown, teachers did not have time to prepare materials for students to take home to work with.  All the teaching plans originally made by art teachers had to be remade.  Given that many students didn’t have access to professional materials, teachers brainstormed ways to make art classes fun by using simple and common materials.  


The art teaching group decided to focus on teaching how to paint with simple materials, which allowed students to use only paper, pencils, pens, or their electronic devices for their paintings.  Teachers presented their course ppts, videos and images by using Tencent meeting so that they could help students understand the process, requirements and skills involved in creating each artwork.  In class, teachers could tell whether students understood what was being taught through Q&A and group discussions so that they could give students advice on how to improve their artworks. Thanks to modern technology, teachers could guide students how to make improvement by sharing screens.   During online teaching, students completed geometric sketches, Zentangle drawing, drawing three-dimensional letters from single-point perspective, and artistic painting of visual illusions,etc.


Our double excellence program also includes ceremics class. How to teach ceremics class online also became a difficult problem. Unlike painting, which needs only a piece of paper and pen, ceremics class needs a series of professional facilities. Although affected by the epidemic, the art teaching group remade their plan in a prompt manner. First, they made timely adjustments to the professional course by replacing the original foundation of pottery modeling with pottery history and knowledge on how to appreciate pottery. Courses on campus mainly focus on how to make potteries by hand, while our online courses focus on learning how to design pottery artworks, how to draw a blueprint for an artwork, and getting to know traditional Chinese patterns and how to apply them to their own artworks. A good knowledge of the history of ceramics helps students create better artworks, and skills in appreciation helps them cultivate their artistic tastes. Weeks of online teaching helped students understand pottery making from different perspectives. When they come back to school, I believe they will be able to create better artworks!


The music teaching group decided to inspire students to create movie music. Everybody likes watching movies.  The success of a film is impossible without the music that fits its story and settings. Our music teacher introduced a lot of high-quality film music to the students, and then discussed with them the relationship between film and music, and how to present the story and set off the atmosphere through music.  Students created music based on the inspiration they drew from class, and they presented their works by singing, rapping, arrangement and so on.  Later on, the music class was combined with preparation for commencement shows, and a series of both online and offline performances were added to the class in an attempt to boost their performing skills and creativity. Such experimental teaching approach proved to get students highly motivated in class and help boost their skills in appreciation and acting. Students recorded different musical performances with their various singing styles and characteristics for the commencement. Meanwhile, students played instruments together and rehearsed online, testing more possibilities of performing in different environments with a command of what has been taught in class.


Though online teaching came all of a sudden, thanks to the highly-efficient SHBS leading team, and those experienced teaching faculty who applied new technology to their teaching, everything has gone smoothly with our online teaching. Students have also benefited a lot from their online art classes by acquiring knowledge and having fun.