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At SHBS, our comprehensive advising program is focused on age- and grade-appropriate development, which promotes students’ meaningful, sustained growth: to celebrate them in times of success, to guide them in moments of difficulty, and to ensure that they acquire the skills necessary for academic and personal fulfillment. We’re proud of the diversity of excellent destinations—in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and beyond—where our students continue to thrive. To this end, we are guided by the following four principles:

  • • To educate and empower students and parents to make well-considered decisions that support success
  • • To encourage students’ development as curious, independent young people who are fulfilled by and proud of their achievements
  • • To support students’ engagement with their school, family, local, and broader communities
  • • To enable students’ self-expression and their ability to articulate creatively their unique experiences and personalities, as well as their visions for the future

Each year, advising activities are structured around an essential question.

  • In Grade 9, students ask: Who am I?
  • In Grade 10, they explore their skills and potential, and opportunities and ambitions for the future: What can I do?
  • In Grade 11, we begin to focus more specifically on the college search process, as students inquire: Where am I going?
  • Finally, in Grade 12, students complete the steps necessary for their applications: How will I get there?
Country Institution Offers
USA Art Center College of Design 1
USA Arizona State University 1
USA Bard College 1
USA Baylor University 1
USA California College of the Arts 2
USA California Institute of the Arts (Valencia) 2
USA Colorado College 1
USA Columbus College of Art & Design 1
USA DePauw University 1
USA Emory University 1
USA Franklin and Marshall College 1
USA Gettysburg College 1
USA Grinnell College 1
USA Indiana University Bloomington 1
USA Maryland Institute College of Art 3
USA Massachusetts College of Art & Design 1
USA Miami University—Oxford 1
USA Michigan State University 1
USA Mount Holyoke College 1
USA Northeastern University 4
USA Otis college of art and design 3
USA Parsons - The New School 2
USA Pratt Institute 2
USA Purdue University 2
USA Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1
USA Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 1
USA Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 3
USA Saint Louis University 3
USA Savannah College of Art and Design 4
USA School of the Art Institute of Chicago 4
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